JILA astrophysicists investigate a broad range of topics including the evolution of stars, the formation of planets, the dynamics of black holes, and even the fundamental properties that give rise to the Universe itself.
JILA’s astrophysics research is aided by data gathered by ground- and space-based instruments. Our researchers use this astronomical data to test and refine theoretical simulations of processes that occur in our solar system and throughout the Universe.

Researchers in Astrophysics

Photograph of Mitchel C. Begelman Mitchel C. Begelman
Focus: Astrophysical Gas Dynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics, Radiative Transfer Theory, Astrophysical Phenomena Role: Theorist
Photograph of Andrew Hamilton Andrew Hamilton
Focus: Black Holes, Galaxies, Cosmology Role: Theorist
Photograph of Ann-Marie Madigan Ann-Marie Madigan
Focus: Stellar and gas dynamics near massive black holes, Solar systems and exoplanets Role: Theorist
Photograph of Juri Toomre Juri Toomre
Focus: Structure & Evolution of Stars Role: Theorist
Photograph of Jason Dexter. Jason Dexter
Focus: Black hole accretion, radiative transfer, interferometry Role: Theorist

Recent Highlights in Astrophysics

Sitting 150 million kilometers away from the Earth, the Sun produces puzzling phenomena, like solar flares, that physicists are working to understand. One of these puzzles involves the Sun's tachocline, a belt of heat transition. “A tachocline is when the radiative interior of a star rotates like a solid ball, but the convection zone [an…

Of the many different objects in the solar system, M-dwarf stars, also known as red dwarf stars, are of particular interest to astrophysicists. These small objects are the most common type of star in the universe and have unique properties. “If you lay out all of the different types of stars [in a plot of stellar color versus brightness] we can…

An international team of astrophysicists, including scientists from CU Boulder, may have pinpointed the cause of that shift. The magnetic field lines threading through the black hole appear to have flipped upside down,…