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Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Developing Future Scientists


Students & Postdocs

In addition to ground-breaking and innovate research, JILA continually produces the next generation of researchers and engineers. We take pride in training our students to be leaders in research and industry, specifically in the fields of quantum information science and technology, nanofabrication, chemical and bio- physics, and X-ray and ultrafast laser science. 

Our students and postdocs directly work with today’s leading researchers to develop innovative solutions for today’s technological problems. At JILA, we encourage all students to gather ideas, manage resources and implement strategies when faced with research hurdles. We believe this guidance-based approach best prepares our students to lead future research and technology sectors. 

JILA students benefit form a multitude of professional training services. These services include workshops and seminars for industry leadership, which cover topics such as research ethics, project management and conflict resolution. JILA students are also trained by our skilled technical staff in instrument manufacturing and design, nanofabrication, and electronic and circuit design. The availability of our exceptional staff ensures that JILA students develop not only superior custom implements for their research projects, but learn viable skills for future design projects. 

The resources available to and the ambition of many JILA students have made our alumni quantum-technology leaders in both the industrial and government-funded research sectors. JILA alumni have gone on to senior roles at companies such as Honeywell Quantum Solutions, Lockheed Martin, Siemens Energy, IBM, KMLabs and Intel and many more. JILA alumni have also become lead scientists at national laboratories such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Sandia National Laboratories, Argonne National Laboratories, the Joint Quantum Institute and more.


The innovative spirit fostered at JILA also lends itself to entrepreneurial endeavors. These start-up companies create science employment opportunities as well as contribute to the substantive hi-tech growth in our region. For a full, historical list of companies that JILAns have started, see page 88 of JILA: The First 50 Years.

JILA recognizes that developing a workforce proficient in quantum solutions is necessary for our future, and we are therefore proud to train the next generation of research leaders.

JILA has been involved with CO-LABS and a number of JILA's principal investigators have been recognized for excellence at their annual awards. CO-LABS educates the public, businesses, educational organizations, and government entities about the value of the federally funded laboratories, creates connections between these sectors, and supports retention and expansion of Colorado's scientific resources.

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