Upcoming Events

Event Type: Biophysics Seminar
Location: JSCBB Butcher Auditorium
Speaker/Affiliation: Dr. Markita Landry / University of California Berkeley
Event Type: Physics Department Colloquium
Event Type: Condensed Matter SeminarCenter for Experiments on Quantum Materials (CEQM) Seminar
Location: Duane Physics Room G126
Event Type: Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)
Speaker/Affiliation: Damao Zhang / Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Event Type: CUbit Quantum Seminar
Speaker/Affiliation: John Martinis / UC Santa Barbara

Opportunities at JILA

JILA is interested in hiring and training the world's leading scientists. If you are interested in undergraduate or graduate-level opportunities, please visit the Prospective Students page. For Postdoctoral research opportunities, information can be found on the Postdoctoral Students page. Distinguished scientists who wish to collaborate with JILA researchers will find opportunities and information at our Visiting JILA Fellows page. Interested in JILA scientific support opportunities? More information is available on our Job Opportunities page.