Upcoming Events

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Event Type: Astrophysics & Planetary Sciences Colloquium
Location: JILA Auditorium
Speaker/Affiliation: Maura McLaughlin / West Viriginia University
Event Type: CUbit Quantum Seminar
Location: CASE Auditorium (Center for Academic Success & Engagement)
Speaker/Affiliation: Dr. Amir Safavi-Naeini / Stanford University
Event Type: Biochemistry Seminar
Location: JSCBB Butcher Auditorium
Speaker/Affiliation: Dr. Laura Ranum / University of Florida
Event Type: Physics Department Colloquium
Location: JILA Auditorium
Speaker/Affiliation: Daniel Slichter / National Institute of Standards and Technology
Event Type: CTQM Theory Colloquium
Location: Duane Physics Room G126

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