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Coronavirus Announcement

In response to the COVID-19 situation, JILA will not be hosting public scientific lectures or talks at this time to support and encourage the social distancing efforts of the University of Colorado. We apologize for any inconvenience and will update as the situation changes.  However, mission critical research continues at JILA. Please continue to work with and contact JILA staff and scientists via email or phone.  We appreciate your patience as we navigate this unprecedented situation. You may find regular updates about CU's response to the coronavirus and ways to protect yourself at


In the Spotlight

Upcoming Science Events

CU Wizards Program
Duane Physics Room G1B30
Prof. Tom Perkins

JILA Astrophysics Friday Seminar
Josu C. Aurrekoetxea, King's College London
Host: Angela Collier

Opportunities at JILA

JILA is interested in hiring and training the world's leading scientists. If you are interested in undergraduate or graduate-level opportunities, please visit the Prospective Students page. For Postdoctoral research opportunities, information can be found on the Postdoctoral Students page. Distinguished scientists who wish to collaborate with JILA researchers will find opportunities and information at our Visiting JILA Fellows page. Interested in JILA scientific support opportunities? More information is available on our Job Opportunities page.