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My research is theoretical, and my principal interests include black holes, cosmology, and supernovae. My black hole work focuses on general relativistic visualization. My cosmological work concentrates mainly on devising and applying methods to analyze large observational data sets, notably galaxy surveys, with a view to extracting cosmological parameters and other fundamental properties of the Universe.

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What really happens inside black holes? The aim of this website is to take you to the frontier of what is known.

This is a general relativistic visualization of a supercomputed magneto-hydrodynamic simulation of a disk and jet around a black hole. The disk and jet were supercomputed by John Hawley at the University of Virginia. The general relativistic rendering was done with the Black Hole Flight Simulator.

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In the Spotlight

Illustration of a supermassive black hole wth millions to billions times the mass of our sun.
May 11, 2023: JILA Graduate Student Tyler McMaken Garners Honorable Mention in the Annual Gravity Research Foundation Essay Contest

JILA graduate student Tyler McMaken has been awarded an honorable mention by the Gravity Research Foundation for his essay in their annual essay competition. Each year, the Gravity Research Foundation opens a competition that awards five essays encouraging discussion and thought on gravitation. Essays must be less than 10 pages and convey science in more accessible and engaging language than in a journal publication. 

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Tyler McMaken (left) and Lia Hankla (right) were awarded the 2022 Richard Thomas Nelson award
June 01, 2022: JILA Graduate Students Tyler McMaken and Lia Hankla Awarded the 2022 Richard Nelson Thomas Award

Two JILA graduate students were awarded this year's Richard Nelson Thomas Award for Graduate Students in Astrophyiscs. This award is given annually in honor of Dr. Richard Nelson Thomas, a founding member of JILA and an astrophysics researcher. Dr. Thomas was instrumental in establishing JILA's Visiting Fellows program, as well as growing the institution as a whole. Because of Dr. Thomas' legacy, his family and friends established an annual award given to an outstanding graduate student in astrophysics. 

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Photo of Sean Muleady and Tyler McMaken
December 14, 2021: Tyler McMaken and Sean Muleady win 2021 CU Prizes

Two JILA graduate students were awarded "Oustanding Service Awards" from the Physics department at the University of Colorado Boulder. These awards are given each semester. 

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Photo of Ran Brynn Reiff, Julia Cline, and Tyler McMaken
December 30, 2020: Tyler McMaken, Ran Brynn Reiff, and Julia Cline all win 2020 CU Physics awards

JILA graduate students Tyler McMaken, Ran Brynn Reiff, and Julia Cline all win the 2020 CU Physics Department TA awards 

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