Leadership and Administrative/Technical Staff

Leadership (top)

  • Photograph of Thomas T. Perkins
    Thomas T. Perkins
    Chair of JILA
    Email: tperkins@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-5291 (office)
  • Photograph of Andreas Becker
    Andreas Becker
    Associate Chair of JILA
    Email: andreasb@jilau1.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-402-7825 (office)
  • Photograph of Thomas O'Brian
    Thomas O'Brian
    JILA Administration
    Email: obriantr@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-6807 (office)
  • Photo of Beth Kroger.
    Beth Kroger
    Chief of Operations & Chief of Staff
    Email: bkroger@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-5625
  • Photo of Julie Bachinski.
    Julie Bachinski
    NIST Administrative Officer
    Email: jbach@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7786

Administrative Staff (top)

  • Photo of Amy.
    Amy Allison
    Fellows Assistant to Jun Ye, Konrad Lehnert, and Cindy Regal
    Email: amy.allison@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-5128
  • Person's photograph
    David Auerbach
    Executive Office Assistant for NIST
    Email: dave.auerbach@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7791
  • Photo of Krista.
    Krista Beck
    Fellows Assistant to Eric Cornell, Carl Lineberger, and the Physics Frontier Center
    Email: kristab@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7746
  • Photo of Candice.
    Candice Brown
    Assistant for the CU Wizards Program and Boulder Quantum Initiative
  • Person's photograph
    Jackson Chessman
    Student Employee - Reception
    Email: jackson.chessman@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7789
  • Person's photograph
    Gwen Dickinson
    Fellows Assistant to Juri Toomre, Ana Maria Rey, Henry Kapteyn, Margaret Murnane, and the Center for Theory of Quantum Matter
    Email: gwen.dickinson@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-4170
  • Photo of Maryly.
    Maryly Dole
    Parking, Travel & Telephone Liaison
    Email: dolem@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7793
  • Person's photograph
    Jennifer Erickson
    Buyer, Property Accounting (CU), Property Disposals and Transfers (CU)
    Email: mosjen@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-5861
  • Person's photograph
    Randal Holliness
    Buyer, Storeroom (General & Lab Supplies)
    Email: Randall.Holliness@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-4020
  • Person's photograph
    Doug Johnson
    Database Administrator
    Email: johnsond@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-0489
  • Photo of Jason.
    Jason Ketcherside
    Building Proctor
    Email: jason.ketcherside@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-735-7862
  • Photo of Joyce.
    Joyce Kroll
    Pre-award proposals, budgets & submissions
    Email: joyce.kroll@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-735-3118
  • Person's photograph
    John Krueger
    Building Project Manager
    Email: john.krueger@colorado.edu
  • Photo of Renise.
    Renise Krumpeck
    Sponsored Project Specialist
    Email: renise.krumpeck@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-735-6893
  • Photo of Daniel.
    Daniel Lewis
    Buyer, Shipping/Receiving Services
    Email: delewis@jilau1.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-0634
  • Photo of Karen.
    Karen Lichtfuss
    Buyer, Property Accounting (NIST), Property Disposals and Transfers (NIST)
    Email: karen.lichtfuss@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-0331
  • Photo of Agnieszka.
    Agnieszka Lynch
    CU Human Resources
    Email: a.lynch@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7792
  • Photo of Brian.
    Brian Lynch
    Head of The Supply Office
    Email: lynchb@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-4023
  • Photo of Erica.
    Erica Mady
    Accounting Technician
    Email: mady@jilau1.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7797
  • Photo of Kim.
    Kim Monteleone
    JILA Executive Assistant
    Email: kim.monteleone@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-5749
  • Photo of Eyvon.
    Eyvon Petty
    Executive Office Assistant for NIST
    Email: eyvon.petty@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-735-1985
  • Person's photograph
    Diane Przygocki
    Finance Manager
    Email: diane.przygocki@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-1798
  • Person's photograph
    Jimmy Tobar
    Custodial Supervisor
    Email: jimmy.tobar@colorado.edu
  • Photo of Cindy.
    Cindy Torres
    JILA Reception Desk and Building Coordinator
    Email: cynthia.torres@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7789

Technical Staff (top)

Computing Office

  • Photo of Jim.
    Jim McKown
    Head of Computing, Linux/UNIX Email, Linux server admin
    Email: mckown@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-4060
  • Photo of Corey.
    Cory Keasling
    Linux/UNIX Cluster and Server Admin, Software licensing, installation, and support, Printing
    Email: corey.keasling@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-9643
  • Photo of Daniel.
    Daniel Packman
    Linux/UNIX Cluster and Server Administration, Mac Support, General Computing Help
  • Person's photograph
    Michael Paige
    Database, Filemaker, and accounting applications, Web admin and programming
    Email: mdpaige@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7779
  • Person's photograph
    J. R. Raith
    PC/Mac and Network Desktop, PC/Mac Windows server admin, Networking, Lab data acquisition/analysis
    Email: raithjr@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-1116

Electronics Shop

  • Photo of Terry.
    Terry Brown
    Head of Electronics Shop
    Email: tbrown@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-0967
  • Photo of James.
    James Fung-A-Fat
    Electronics Shop Staff
    Email: fungafat@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-4008
  • Person's photograph
    Christopher Ho
    Electronics Shop Staff
    Email: christopher.ho@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-6709
  • Person's photograph
    Carl Suaer
    Electronics Shop Staff
    Email: csauer@jilau1.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7819
  • Photo of Felix.
    Felix Vietmeyer
    Electronics Shop Staff
    Email: felix.vietmeyer@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-5641

Instrument Shop

  • Person's photograph
    Todd Asnicar
    Head of the Instrument Shop
    Email: asnicar@jilau1.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-2252
  • Person's photograph
    Hans Green
    Scientific Instrument Maker
    Email: greenh@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7776
  • Photo of Kim.
    Kim Hagen
    Scientific Instrument Maker
    Email: krhagen@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7775
  • Photo of Calvin.
    Calvin Schwadron
    Scientific Instrument Maker
    Email: calvin.schwadron@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-4022
  • Person's photograph
    Kyle Thatcher
    Scientific Instrument Maker
    Email: kyle.thatcher@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7775
  • Photo of James.
    James Urich
    Scientific Instrument Maker
    Email: james.uhrich@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-4022

Keck Metrology and Clean Room

  • Photo of David.
    David Alchenberger
    Head of The Keck Lab/Clean Room
    Email: alchenbd@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-2389
  • Photo of Mark.
    Mark Carter
    Clean Room/Metrology Staff
    Email: mark.carter@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-2389
  • Person's photograph
    Roger Carter
    Student Employee - Keck Lab
    Email: roger.r.carter@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-2389

Science Communications Office

  • Photo of Steven.
    Steven Burrows
    Director of Science Communications, Scientific Animation & Illustration
    Email: steven.burrows@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-735-5233
  • Photo of Kristin.
    Kristin Conrad
    Web Design & Development, Production of JILA Light & Matter Publication
    Email: kristin.conrad@jila.colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-492-7861
  • Photo of Rebecca.
    Rebecca Jacobson
    Science Communicator
    Email: rebecca.jacobson@colorado.edu
    Phone: 303-735-0727
  • Photo of Molly.
    Molly Alvine
    Student Employee - Science Communications Office
    Email: moal4637@colorado.edu