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Light-Assisted Collisions and Quantum State Tomography of Single-Atom Motion in Optical Tweezers
Brown M.O., Light-Assisted Collisions And Quantum State Tomography Of Single-Atom Motion In Optical Tweezers, University of Colorado Boulder, 2022.
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Quantum measurement backaction and upconverting microwave signals with mechanical resonators
Peterson R.W., Quantum Measurement Backaction And Upconverting Microwave Signals With Mechanical Resonators, University of Colorado Boulder, 2017.
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Atom-by-atom control and readout for studying spin-motional dynamics and entanglement in neutral atom arrays
Lester B.J., Atom-By-Atom Control And Readout For Studying Spin-Motional Dynamics And Entanglement In Neutral Atom Arrays, University of Colorado Boulder, 2016.
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Quantum Optomechanics with Engineered Membrane Resonators
Yu P.-L., Quantum Optomechanics With Engineered Membrane Resonators, University of Colorado Boulder, 2016.
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Laser cooling atoms to indistinguishability: Atomic Hong-Ou-Mandel interference and entanglement through spin exchange
Kaufman A.M., Laser Cooling Atoms To Indistinguishability: Atomic Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference And Entanglement Through Spin Exchange, University of Colorado Boulder, 2015.
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