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Instability of a Current-Carrying Fluid Jet Issuing from a Nozzle
M.S. Uberoi and Chow, C.-Y., Physics Of Fluids 6, 1237 (1963).
10.1063/1.1706890 | Journal Article | view more
Some Exact Solutions of Magnetohydrodynamics
M.S. Uberoi, Physics Of Fluids 6, 1379 (1963).
10.1063/1.1710956 | Journal Article | view more
A description of JILA
Q. Newton and Astin, A.V., 1-104 (1963).
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A Review of Photodetachment and Related Negative Ion Processes Relevant to Aeronomy
L.M. Branscomb, 1\textendash40 (1963).
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Comments on Zhevakin\textquoterights Paper, "One Common Error in the Theory of Stellar Variability"
J.P. Cox and Whitney, C.A., Soviet Astronomy 7, (1963).
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Alkali Polarizabilities by the Atomic Beam Electrostatic Deflection Method
G.E. Chamberlain and Zorn, J.C., Physical Review 129, (1963).
10.1103/PhysRev.129.677 | Journal Article | view more
Electron Spin Resonance of Interstitial Hydrogen Atoms in CaF2
J.L. Hall and Schumacher, R.T., in (1963).
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Experiments on Self-Ionizing Shock Waves in a Magnetic Field
Y. Nakagawa and Earnshaw, K.B., in (1963).
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Highly Ionized Atoms. The Configurations S2PN (N = 1, 2, 4, 5)
F. Rohrlich and Pecker, C.W., Astrophysical Journal 138, (1963).
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Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics of the National Bureau of Standards and the University of Colorado (Observatory Report 1963)
L.M. Branscomb, Astronomical Journal 68, 660\textendash662 (1963).
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Lectures on Ion-Atom Collisions
M.R.C. McDowell, in (1963).
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Observatory Report \textemdash National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C., and National Bureau of Standards Boulder Laboratories
C.E. Moore and Branscomb, L.M., Astronomy Journal 68, 657\textendash659 (1963).
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Reaction Rates for the Formation of He2+ and Ne2+
E.C. Beaty and Patterson, P.L., in (University of California, 1963).
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Some Limits on the Effect of Coronal Self-Emission on the Excitation State of Coronal Ions
C.W. Pecker and Thomas, R.N., Astrophysical Journal 137, (1963).
10.1086/147570 | Journal Article | view more
Spectrum of the Flare of September 2, 1960
E.V.P. Smith, Astrophysical Journal 137, (1963).
DOI: 10.1086/147531 | Journal Article | view more


Comparison of the Rubidium-87 and Proton Zeeman Transition Frequencies in the Earth\textquoterights Magnetic Field
P.L. Bender, Physical Review 128, 2218-2221 (1962).
10.1103/PhysRev.128.2218 | Journal Article | view more
Production of Lyman Alpha Radiation in Ion-Atom Collisions
G.H. Dunn, Geballe, R., and Pretzer, D., Physical Review 128, 2200-2206 (1962).
10.1103/PhysRev.128.2200 | Journal Article | view more
The Wigner Distribution Function and Second Quantization in Phase Space
W.E. Brittin and Chappell, W.R., Reviews Of Modern Physics 34, 620-627 (1962).
10.1103/RevModPhys.34.620 | Journal Article | view more
Electron Spin Resonance of Hydrogen Atoms in CaF2
J.L. Hall and Schumacher, R., Physical Review 127, 1892-1912 (1962).
10.1103/PhysRev.127.1892 | Journal Article | view more
That Bound-Free Absorption Coefficient of the Hydrogen Negative Ion.
S. Geltman, The Astrophysical Journal 136, 935 (1962).
10.1086/147447 | Journal Article | view more
On the Interpretation of Prominence Spectra. V. The Emission Lines in Quiescent Prominences.
J.T. Jefferies and Orrall, F.Q., The Astrophysical Journal 135, 109 (1962).
10.1086/147252 | Journal Article | view more
The Structure of Regions of Coronal-Line Emission.
J.T. Jefferies, Pecker, C.W., and Thomas, R.N., The Astrophysical Journal 135, 653 (1962).
10.1086/147306 | Journal Article | view more
Laboratory Astrophysics
L.M. Branscomb and Thomas, R.N., Physics Today 15, 42 (1962).
10.1063/1.3057856 | Journal Article | view more
Electron Affinity of Atomic Iodine
B. Steiner, Seman, M.L., and Branscomb, L.M., The Journal Of Chemical Physics 37, 1200 (1962).
10.1063/1.1733265 | Journal Article | view more
Some Associations between Rising Prominences and the Solar Corona
J. Kleczek and Hansen, R.T., Publications Of The Astronomical Society Of The Pacific 74, (1962).
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Some Problems in Temperature Measurements from Line Spectra
J.T. Jefferies, in (Reinhold Publishing, 1962), p. 703.
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