Research Associate

Devin Edwards

Current Affiliation: Staff Scientist, HHMI/ Fred Hutchinson; PhD: Dept. of Physics, University of California Santa Barbara

David Jacobson

Affiliation After Leaving Group: Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Clemson University

Gavin King

Current Affiliation: Professor of Physics, Univ. of Missouri; PhD: Dept. of Physics, Harvard University

Marc-Andre LeBlanc

Affiliation After Leaving Group: Staff scientist, SomaLogic

Rebecca Montange

Current Affiliation: Scientist, Sartorius Stedim North America; PhD: Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Colorado

Lora Nugent-Glandorf

Current Affiliation: R&D manager –Lasers & Electro Optics, Honeywell Quantum Solutions; PhD: Dept. of Chemistry, University of Colorado

D. Hern Paik

Current Affiliation: Sr. Lead Digital Innovation Engineer, Buckman; PhD: Dept. of Chemistry, Caltech

Yeonee Seol

Current Affiliation: Staff scientist, NIH; PhD: Dept. of Physics, University of Arizona

Ruby May Sullan

Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Univ of Toronto & of Physical and Environmental Sciences, Univ. of Toronto Scarborough; PhD: Dept. of Chemistry, University of Toronto

Robert Walder

Current Affiliation: Director of R&D, OptiEnz Sensors, LLC; PhD: Dept. of Physics, University of California Irvine

Hao Yu

Current Affiliation: Professor of Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology; PhD: Dept. of Physics, University of Alberta

Graduate Student

Amanda Carpenter

Current Affiliation: Senior Staff Scientist, ZEISS Medical Technology; PhD thesis: Human TATA-binding protein interactions with DNA characterized by stabilized, axial optical trapping

Ashley Carter

Current Affiliation: Associate Professor of Physics, Amherst College; PhD thesis: A precision optical trapping assay: measuring the conformational dynamics of single RecBCD helicases

Allison Churnside

Current Affiliation: Research scientist, Lab 79; PhD thesis: Ultrastate atomic force microscopy for biophysics

Patrick Heenan

Current Affiliation: Scientist II, Ribometrix; PhD thesis: Improved energy landscape reconstruction and imaging of nucleic and amino acids via atomic force microscopy

Stephen Okoniewski

Current Affiliation: Senior Professional Staff, John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab; PhD thesis: A single-molecule optical-trapping assay: Measuring E. Coli RecQ helicase motion using force-activated DNA substrates

Maasa H. Seaberg (née Martha Hosatani)

Current Affiliation: Medical Physicist, Valley Cancer Medical Center; PhD thesis: Single-molecule investigations of enzyme dynamics: RecBCD helicase and glmS ribozyme cleavage

Matthew G. W. Siewny

Current Affiliation: Process engineer, Intel; PhD thesis: Hidden dynamics in the unfolding of a membrane protein revealed by ultrafast cantilevers

Undergraduate Student

Ayush Adhikari

Toby Bollig

Current Affiliation: Toby is majoring in Engineering Phyics.

Matthew Bull

Current Affiliation: Graduate student at Stanford

Nick Dawson

George Emanuel

Current Affiliation: Graduate student at Harvard in Xiaowei Zhuang's lab

Jaevyn Faulk

Peter Lawson

Guy Margalit

Ty Miller

Elise Morgan

Duc Nguyen

Current Affiliation: Engineer, Seattle, WA

Meredith Taggart

William "John" Van Patten