JILA Helps Design Alarms for Ventilators in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Published: July 09, 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, researchers and engineers find partnerships in unexpected places.

PI: Jun Ye
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Meadowlark Optics, SPIE, and the University of Colorado Boulder Announce $2.5 Million Endowed Chair in Optics and Photonics at JILA
Published: June 18, 2020

The Baur-SPIE Endowed Chair in Optics and Photonics is thanks to a $2.5 million gift from private donors, SPIE and CU.

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Andrew Wilson Joins JILA as New NIST Quantum Physics Division Chief
Published: June 03, 2020

Welcome our new NIST Quantum Physics Division Chief, Andrew Wilson.

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STROBE'S Nico Hernandez-Charpak Wins CU President's Diversity Award
Published: May 28, 2020

Jorge Nicolas Hernandez-Charpak, STROBE'S Assistant Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer, has been recognized for his outstanding work.

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Department of Defense Awards Konrad Lehnert Prestigious Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship
Published: May 12, 2020

JILA Fellow Konrad Lehnert has been awarded the Department of Defense’s most prestigious single-investigator award.

PI: Konrad Lehnert
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JILA Fellow Adam Kaufman wins Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award
Published: April 08, 2020

The Office of Naval Research program rewards early career scientists “who show exceptional promise for doing creative research”—and JILA's Adam Kaufman's work with optical tweezers has earned that recognition.

PI: Adam Kaufman
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JILA Fellow Jason Dexter Wins 2020 Sloan Fellowship
Published: February 12, 2020

JILA Fellow Jason Dexter has been selected for a 2020 Sloan Fellowship. 

PI: Jason Dexter
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JILA Fellows Margaret Murnane and Henry Kapteyn Win the Benjamin Franklin Medal for Physics
Published: January 27, 2020

Margaret Murnane and Henry Kapteyn are the third married couple to win the coveted award from The Franklin Institute.

PI: Henry Kapteyn | PI: Margaret Murnane
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Remembering JILA Quantum Physics Division Chief Tom O'Brian
Published: December 03, 2019

JILA Quantum Physics Division Chief Thomas O'Brian passed away on Thursday, November 21 at the age of 64.

PI: Thomas O'Brian
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Fellows Jun Ye and Deborah Jin named Most Highly Cited Researchers for 2019
Published: November 19, 2019

JILA Fellows Deborah Jin and Jun Ye were named Most Highly Cited Researchers by Clarivate Analytics for 2019.

PI: Jun Ye
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Quantum physics: Atomic research discoveries show there’s much more to learn
Published: November 11, 2019

This month on CU on the Air we welcomed CU Boulder Professor Ana Maria Rey, a theoretical physicist and fellow at JILA. Professor Rey has earned multiple awards for her groundbreaking research, including the coveted MacArthur Genius Fellowship and the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. She earned the Alexander Cruickshank Award in 2017 and 2019, and became the first Hispanic woman to win the Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists. Professor Rey studies the interface between atomic, molecular and optical physics, condensed matter physics, and quantum informational science.

PI: Ana Maria Rey
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JILA team demonstrates model system for distribution of more accurate time signals
Published: October 21, 2019

With a super-steady laser, JILA has improved the way we keep time around the world. 

PI: Jun Ye
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Former JILA research associate wins 2019 Packard Fellowship
Published: October 15, 2019

Shimon Kolkowitz, a former JILA research associate, won the 2019 Packard Fellowship.

PI: Jun Ye
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Jason Dexter, JILA’s newest fellow, wins Breakthrough Prize
Published: September 06, 2019

Dexter is one of the 347 scientists who worked on the Event Horizon Telescope.

PI: Jason Dexter
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Graduate student Chris Kiehl wins poster prize at conference in Germany
Published: September 03, 2019

Chris Kiehl, a graduate student in the Regal Group, won a prize for his poster on quantum sensing and metrology at a conference in Germany this summer. 

PI: Cindy Regal
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JILA Adjoint Jeffrey Linsky publishes new book
Published: August 07, 2019

"You can't understand a planet without studying its host star."

PI: Jeffrey Linsky
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Minor planet named for JILA Fellow Adjoint Peter Conti
Published: July 29, 2019

JILA Fellow Adjunct Peter Conti gets his name in on a minor planet.

PI: Peter Conti
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Australian fellowship named for late JILA Fellow Deborah Jin
Published: July 26, 2019

Late JILA Fellow Deborah Jin's life and work continues to influence science around the world. Now she's being honored with a new fellowship in her name.

PI: Deborah Jin
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JILA postdoctoral researcher Marissa Weichman wins poster prize
Published: July 22, 2019

NIST NRC postdoctoral fellow in the Ye Group won the poster competition at a recent conference.

PI: Jun Ye
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Apollo 11's last working experiment on the moon
Published: July 18, 2019

NASA hoped the experiments from Apollo 11 would last a decade. One has outlasted all the others. Fifty years later, the Laser Ranging Retroreflector is the last working experiment on the moon from Apollo 11. Dr. James Faller reflects on its legacy.

PI: James Faller
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