The Passing of Former JILAn Cheryl Glenn

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An Image of former JILAn Cheryl Glenn

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Cheryl Glenn

On January 12, 2022, former JILAn Cheryl Glenn passed away. Known as a wonderful friend and leading light, Cheryl’s passing has left a hole in the JILA community. From 1978 to 2011, Cheryl was the Executive Assistant at JILA, helping the Fellows and bettering the JILA culture overall. According to Krista Beck, Fellows Assistant to Eric Cornell, Carl Lineberger, and the Physics Frontier Center, Cheryl was always there for support. When Krista had adopted her second child, a newborn, Cheryl helped teach Krista how to become a mother. “Cheryl was also a really good friend to all the visiting Fellows,” Krista added. In her free time, Cheryl enjoyed knitting, sewing, baking, music, watching movies, playing games, volunteering, and having long conversations on the phone with loved ones. She loved to sing songs and tell stories to her grandchildren, Benjamin and Zachary. She considered being a mother and grandmother her most precious endeavor.

Cheryl’s work has a permanent impact at JILA, as two of the paintings near reception in the JILA tower depict her working. Cheryl joined JILA in August of 1978, after moving to Colorado from Mason City, Iowa. In 2007, she gave an oral history to the Boulder Public Library about the history of JILA. In the transcript, Cheryl discusses the work culture of JILA. “I think, is we have very good support staff. I have to mention that as well, people who are here work long hours. You see them coming in on weekends and at night. We go beyond, I think, what might be in one's job description, of doing those extra things that we aren't required to do. We do teamwork among the support staff. I think that's a very important part of the support that we give to the fellows.” Her explanation reflects her own contributions.  Her generous personality and dedication to JILA will be remembered in the hearts and minds of those who knew her. 

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