JILA Labs Awarded Federal Funding

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Aerial view of the University of Colorado Boulder campus. If you spot two tall towers, mid-photo toward the right, the farther one is a part of the JILA set of buildings.

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Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado Boulder

Founded in 1962, JILA (a partnership between CU Boulder and NIST) is a world leader in quantum sensing research, workforce training, and industry engagement. JILA scientists have helped develop technology that has been implemented in space, while others are looking into using lasers to help with diagnosing respiratory illnesses. Over time, though, age has taken a toll on JILA facilities. 

The CU Federal Relations team worked with senators Hickenlooper and Bennet to secure $950,000 in funding for JILA through the omnibus bill to give its labs a refresh.

According to JILA COO Beth Kroger, the funding will pay for much-needed research equipment in the JILA instrument and electronics shops, as well as equipment for CU Boulder’s JILA Keck Metrology and Clean Room Core Facility, which serves the campus and provides important research capabilities.

You can read more about the federal funding given to the rest of the University of Colorado Boulder at this link. 

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