JILA Fellow Murray Holland wins Marinus Smith Award

Submitted by rebeccajj on Tue, 05/14/2019 - 3:35 pm

Murray Holland (right) after winning a Marinus Smith Award.

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CU Boulder

JILA's greatest achievement is training the next generation of scientists and researchers. Recently JILA Fellow Murray Holland was recognized for his role in shaping that future generation with a Marinus Smith Award.

In addition to his research at JILA on quantum gases and optomechanics, Holland teaches undergraduate physics classes at CU from introductory physics to the principles of electricity and magnetism. Each spring CU students and their families nominate faculty and staff who have inspired, mentored, and supported them. This year more than 80 nominations were made, and Holland was one of 16 CU staff and faculty who received an award on April 18.

“It is remarkable to be able to share the incredible stories from students and their families on how current faculty, staff and administrators positively influence the lives of our students during their time at CU Boulder. We are so proud and honored to host these annual awards and recognize the outstanding contributions of our campus community members,” Amber Cardamone, director of New Student & Family Programs, said in a press release.

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