Colorado Congressman Joe Neguse Announces Significant Funding Headed to NIST & CU’s JILA Lab Renovation

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JILA has received $2,000,000 from the Community Project Funding led by Congressman Joe Neguse. 

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Since its inception in 1962, JILA has been a vital part of the University of Colorado’s physics research department, leading the way in the science of precision measurement while also teaching the next generation of physicists. Congressman Neguse recently released an update on funds for JILA provided by the Community Project Funding (PCF) status, saying: “Colorado has become world-renowned for its research ecosystem, and I could not be more excited that we’ve secured funding to help support the development of these groundbreaking labs in Colorado’s Second District. Thanks to this funding, JILA researchers and scientists will be able to complete much needed renovations to their lab—equipping this facility with the tools needed to remain a leader in their field.”

Last year, Colorado Congressman Joe Neguse helped to secure over $2,000,000 in funding for JILA as part of CPF. “I am very pleased the omnibus funding bill includes resources for JILA, a joint research institute between CU Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology," said University of Colorado Boulder Chancellor Philip DiStefano in 2022. “JILA is a leading institute in quantum technology research and training and has a long history of high-impact discoveries. I appreciate Congressman Neguse's strong support for our JILA scientists as well as the university's decades-long partnership with NIST.” 

In response to Congressman Neguse’s update, JILA Associate Chair Dr. John Bohn stated: “JILA is grateful for this federal funding championed by Congressman Neguse. This support provides critical infrastructure for the JILA facility, notably HVAC improvements essential to maintaining stable, high-quality laboratory space. This space will enable JILA scientists to continue to explore cutting-edge experiments in the physical sciences, including quantum science and technology. JILA's dual research and workforce development mission benefits Colorado and the Nation.” The resources provided by CPF will also focus on ensuring JILA’s facilities can precisely control and stabilize temperatures within the laboratories, as many quantum experiments require specific temperatures for success.

Written by Kenna Hughes-Castleberry 

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