5th annual JILA Posterfest

Submitted by cakl1977 on Mon, 10/23/2017 - 3:24 pm

JILAns share their research over posters and snacks.

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The 5th annual JILA posterfest was a smashing success, thanks to the outstanding posters, as well as the snacks. 

The event, held this past Thursday, October 19, had 45 posters sharing the latest JILA research, from the very small (such as T. Thiele's,  "Toward Atomic Arrays Close to Nanoscopic Devices") to the very large (such as A. Zderic's "A Dynamical Instability in the Outer Solar System"). 

JILA's posterfest was full of discussion. Many students, postdocs, and fellows used the opportunity to catch up on their neighbor's research. Events like these foster the collaborative and supportive research atmosphere that makes JILA a leading research institute.  For more photos from the event, see the JILA Facebook page.

A huge thank you to our JILA Post Award Team (JPAT) hosts who made this a great event, and to all the JILAns who particpated!