Physics Measurements Questionnaire

The Physics Measurement Questionnaire (PMQ) is a survey that measures student reasoning about measurement uncertainty at the intro physics level. It was developed over a decade ago by Prof. Saalih Allie et al. at the University of Cape Town, ZA. The survey concerns an experiment in which a ball rolls down a ramp and then flies through the air in free-fall before landing some horizontal distance away from where it started. The survey contains several questions, or probes, each one concerning a different step in the measurement process (such as "data collection" or "data analysis"). Students respond to each probe by choosing from a set of closed-form options, and then writing an open-response explanation of their choice.

We have used the PMQ to measure learning in the introductory physics lab course at CU Boulder, in conjunction with a course transformation project. More information about that project can be found here. We have also explored the use of natural language processing to assist in the analysis of responses to the PMQ.