Past Experiments

EDM Comb Spectroscopy - Learn more

The Cornell group electron EDM relies on precision spectroscopy of HfF+, a diatomic molecular ion. The spectrum of HfF+, as well as many molecular ions, is not well studied. In collaboration with the Ye group we use an optical frequency comb to perform massively parallel ion sensitive spectroscopy.

Top Trap BEC - Learn more

In this experiment we use Bose Einstein Condensates to examine the physics of vortices.

Atom Waveguide - Learn more

In this collaboration with the Anderson group we demonstrate a BEC interferometer in a waveguide.

Hybrid Trap - Learn more

In this experiment, using a trapped Bose Einstein Condensate of Rb87 we measured the Casimir-Polder force. The Casimir effect is the the phenomenon where surfaces in a vacuum experience an attractive force due to the pressure of virtual particles.