Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Eric Cornell photo.

Dr. Eric Cornell | 303-492-6281 (office) | Website | Cornell CV

Eric Cornell is a Fellow of JILA, and an Adjoint Professor in the CU Physics Department.  He works for the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Science Support

Krista Beck photo.

Krista Beck | 303-492-7746

Research Associate

Luke Caldwell photo.

Dr. Luke Caldwell

Graduate Student

Ben Hunt

Benjamin D. Hunt

Kia Boon Ng

Kia Boon Ng | 303-492-7784 (lab), 303-492-1820 (office)

I work on the third generation eEDM project using ThF+ in collaboration with Eric Cornell and Jun Ye. I received my Bachelors at the National University of Singapore.

Sun Yool Park photo.

Sun Yool Park

Tanya Roussy photo.

Tanya Roussy

Noah Schlossberger photo.

Noah Schlossberger

Michael Van De Graaff photo.

Michael Van De Graaff

Anzhou Wang

Anzhou Wang

Trevor Wright photo.

Trevor Wright

Undergraduate Student

Gus Santaella

Gus Santaella

Antonio Vigil photo.

Antonio Vigil