Postdoctoral Position at JILA, CTQM  at  University of Colorado, Boulder

JILA and the Center for the Theory of Quantum Matter at the University of Colorado Boulder are inviting applications for Postdoctoral Research Associates with interest in the general area of non-equilibrium quantum many-body physics.

Our faculty has expertise in atomic and molecular physics, condensed matter physics, quantum information, nuclear and high energy physics. One particular research interest for this position is the understanding of collective quantum phenomena in ultracold atomic and molecular gases, trapped ions and cavity QED systems for the development of advanced synthetic materials with applications in quantum enhanced sensing, quantum simulation and quantum computing.

Successful candidates will interact with CTQM faculty (Ana Maria Rey, Andrew Lucas, Rahul Nandkishore, Victor Gurarie, Michael Hermele, Murray Holland, Leo Radzihovsky, Graeme Smith, Emanuel Knill, Oliver DeWolfe, Paul Romatschke and Ethan Neil) as well as with other theoretical and experimental groups at JILA/NIST and the Physics department at CU Boulder. Close collaboration with leading experimental groups at JILA and NIST is expected.

Those interested in applying should download and complete the application form available at, and send it (along with the requested supporting materials) to the Visiting Scientists Program Assistant ( Initially, an unofficial copy of your graduate record is adequate. Three letters of recommendation are required. Please use the name, Ana Maria Rey, in answering item 12. Additional information can be found at, and

DEADLINE: Please submit your application no later than October 30th, 2020. Applications submitted after October 30 might still be considered until the position is filled.

STARTING DATE: Any time after Dec 1st  2020 but not later than Sept 1st, 2021.