Dr. Bhuvanesh Sundar
I completed my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Erich Mueller at Cornell University in 2017. In my PhD, I developed ideas for quantum simulation of many-body physics —including Majorana fermions, Kondo physics, and  quantum dimer models—using ultracold gases. I also modeled the emergence of supersolids in cold atoms trapped in a cavity.
In my postdoctoral research with Dr. Kaden Hazzard at Rice University, I developed protocols for simulating synthetic dimensions in ultracold molecules, developed and analysed the performance of numerical techniques such as NLCE, TWA and DTWA in capturing many-body dynamics, modeled experiments that searched for the FFLO phase in neutral ultracold atoms, used complex network analyses to characterize quantum many-body systems, and developed a quantum algorithm to count Hamiltonians' ground states.
In my postdoctoral research with Prof. Peter Zoller at Innsbruck, I developed a protocol to probe entanglement in subsystems of many-body quantum ground states, and developed a quantum protocol to probe quantum information scrambling in many-body systems.
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