JILA Graduate Student Joanna Lis speaks on the 2021 Q2B Conference

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Photo of JILA Graduate Student Joanna Lis

This year’s Q2B (Quantum 2 Business) conference took place on December 7-9 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Several big names spoke at the event, and it was a place to forge new partnerships and connections. For one lucky JILAn, the trip to this conference was sponsored by CUbit Quantum Initiative, (CUbit). "I am very grateful to Women in Quantum and CUbit for sponsoring me to attend the Q2B conference," Joanna Lis said. Lis is a graduate student within JILA Fellow Adam Kaufman's laboratory. "My research is looking at neutral atoms in tweezers. I was positively surprised on how much presence neutral atom platforms had within the conference," she added.

While the Q2B conference was established in part by the organization Women in Quantum, the conference was open to all. From networking lunches to discussions about the latest developments from some of the biggest names in the industry, the conference was a big hit. "It was an amazing opportunity to get familiar with the industry side of the pursuits in quantum computation," added Lis. "Some pretty impressive results were presented, but also just hearing about what the quantum computing companies are planning for the future was very interesting." The conference hosted many leading companies in the quantum computing industry, including Atom Computing, Ion Q, Quantinuum, QC Ware, and Quantum Delta NL.

At the conferences Lis found herself meeting other women within the quantum community. "My favorite part of the event was the first day, which was the Women in Quantum summit," She explained. Women in Quantum is a global non-profit organization led by Denise Ruffner of Atom Computing. The organization's goal is to support women and their careers within the quantum industry while helping to promote diversity. According to Lis: "The day was filled with talks from women who now work in the quantum industry, followed by a networking session. Hearing about their journeys, how they got where they are, the positive experiences and challenges they faced, was deeply inspirational. A common denominator for a lot of the talks was a call to make space for empathy within the quantum research/industry community. I think we can all strive towards that goal."

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