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Multi-qubit gates and Schrödinger cat states in an optical clock
Cao A., W. Eckner, T. Yelin, A. Young, S. Jandura, L. Yan, K. Kim, G. Pupillo, J. Ye, N.D. Oppong, and A.M. Kaufman, Submitted (2024).
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Fermionic Hardware
Fermionic quantum processing with programmable neutral atom arrays
González-Cuadra D., D. Bluvstein, M. Kalinowski, R. Kaubruegger, N. Maskara, P. Naldesi, T. Zache, A.M. Kaufman, M. Lukin, H. Pichler, and B. Vermersch, Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences 120, e2304294120 (2023).
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Tweezer array
Realizing spin squeezing with Rydberg interactions in an optical clock
Eckner W., D. Oppong, A. Cao, A. Young, W. Milner, J. Robinson, J. Ye, and A.M. Kaufman, Nature 621, 734 (2023).
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Enhancing spin squeezing using soft-core interactions
Young J., S.R. Muleady, M.A. Perlin, A.M. Kaufman, and A.M. Rey, Phys. Rev. Research 5, L012033 (2023).
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Mid-circuit operations using the omg-architecture in neutral atom arrays
Lis J., A. Senoo, W.F. McGrew, F. Rönchen, A. Jenkins, and A.M. Kaufman, Submitted (2023).
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An atomic boson sampler
Young A., S. Geller, W. Eckner, N. Schine, S. Glancy, E. Knill, and A.M. Kaufman, Submitted (2023).
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Long-range-enhanced surface codes
Hong Y., M. Marinelli, A.M. Kaufman, and A. Lucas, Submitted (2023).
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Tweezer-programmable 2D quantum walks in a Hubbard-regime lattice
Young A., W. Eckner, N. Schine, A. Childs, and A.M. Kaufman, Science 377, 885-889 (2022).
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Quantum error correction in a time-dependent transverse field Ising model
Hong Y., J. Young, A.M. Kaufman, and A. Lucas, Physical Review A 106, 022432 (2022).
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Long-lived Bell states in an array of optical clock qubits
Schine N., A. Young, W. Eckner, M.C. Martin, and A.M. Kaufman, Nature Physics 18, 1067 (2022).
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Ytterbium Nuclear-Spin Qubits in an Optical Tweezer Array
Jenkins A., J. Lis, A. Senoo, W.F. McGrew, and A.M. Kaufman, Physical Review X 12, 021027 (2022).
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Quantum science with optical tweezer arrays of ultracold atoms and molecules
Kaufman A.M., and K.-K. Ni, Nature Physics (2021).
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Asymmetric Blockade and Multiqubit Gates via Dipole-Dipole Interactions
Young J., P. Bienias, R. Belyansky, A.M. Kaufman, and A.V. Gorshkov, Physical Review Letters 127, (2021).
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Photons and qubits get a better connection
Kaufman A.M., Science 373, 1436-1437 (2021).
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High-power, fiber-laser-based source for magic-wavelength trapping in neutral-atom optical clocks
Eckner W., A. Young, N. Schine, and A.M. Kaufman, Review Of Scientific Instruments 92, 093001 (2021).
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Preparation of Low Entropy Correlated Many-Body States via Conformal Cooling Quenches
Zaletel M.P., A.M. Kaufman, D.M. Stamper-Kurn, and N.Y. Yao, Physical Review Letters 126, (2021).
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Sr atoms in optical tweezers
Half-minute-scale atomic coherence and high relative stability in a tweezer clock
Young A., W. Eckner, W. Milner, D. Kedar, M.A. Norcia, E. Oelker, N. Schine, J. Ye, and A.M. Kaufman, Nature 588, 408-413 (2020).
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Variational Spin-Squeezing Algorithms on Programmable Quantum Sensors
Kaubruegger R., P. Silvi, C. Kokail, R. van Bijnen, A.M. Rey, J. Ye, A.M. Kaufman, and P. Zoller, Physical Review Letters 123, 260505 (2019).
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Nondestructive Cooling of an Atomic Quantum Register via State-Insensitive Rydberg Interactions
Belyansky R., J. Young, P. Bienias, Z. Eldredge, A.M. Kaufman, P. Zoller, and A.V. Gorshkov, Physical Review Letters 123, 213603 (2019).
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A Sr tweezer array.
Seconds-scale coherence on an optical clock transition in a tweezer array
Norcia M., A. Young, W. Eckner, E. Oelker, J. Ye, and A.M. Kaufman, Science 366, eaay0644 (2019).
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Dynamics of quantum information
Lewis-Swan R.J., A. Safavi-Naini, A.M. Kaufman, and A.M. Rey, Nature Reviews Physics 1, 627–634 (2019).
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Topological superfluidity with repulsive alkaline-earth atoms in optical lattices
Isaev L., A.M. Kaufman, G. Ortiz, and A.M. Rey, New Journal Of Physics 21, 073049 (2019).
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Quantum Virtual Cooling
Cotler J., S. Choi, A. Lukin, H. Gharibyan, T. Grover, E. Tai, M. Rispoli, R. Schittko, P.M. Preiss, A.M. Kaufman, and M. Greiner, Physical Review X 9, 031013 (2019).
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Probing entanglement in a many-body-localized System
Lukin A., M. Rispoli, R. Schittko, E. Tai, A.M. Kaufman, S. Choi, V. Khemani, J. Leonard, and M. Greiner, Science 364, 256-260 (2019).
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Microscopic Control and Detection of Ultracold Strontium in Optical-Tweezer Arrays
Norcia M.A., A. Young, and A.M. Kaufman, Physical Review X 8, (2018).
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The Hong-Ou-Mandel Effect With Atoms
Kaufman A.M., M.C. Tichy, F. Mintert, A.M. Rey, and C.A. Regal, The Hong-Ou-Mandel Effect With Atoms (Elsevier, 2018), pp. 377-427.
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Measurement-Based Entanglement of Noninteracting Bosonic Atoms
Lester B.J., Y. Lin, M.O. Brown, A.M. Kaufman, R.J. Ball, E. Knill, A.M. Rey, and C.A. Regal, Physical Review Letters 120, 193602 (2018).
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Microscopy of the interacting Harper-Hofstadter model in the two-body limit
Tai E., A. Lukin, M. Rispoli, R. Schittko, T. Menke, D. Borgnia, P.M. Preiss, F. Grusdt, A.M. Kaufman, and M. Greiner, Nature 546, 519-523 (2017).
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Realizing and adiabatically preparing bosonic integer and fractional quantum Hall states in optical lattices
He Y.-C., F. Grusdt, A.M. Kaufman, M. Greiner, and A. Vishwanath, Physical Review B 96, 201103 (2017).
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Quantum thermalization through entanglement in an isolated many-body system
Kaufman A.M., E. Tai, A. Lukin, M. Rispoli, R. Schittko, P.M. Preiss, and M. Greiner, Science 353, 794-800 (2016).
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Entangling two transportable neutral atoms via local spin exchange
Kaufman A.M., B.J. Lester, M. Foss-Feig, M.L. Wall, A.M. Rey, and C.A. Regal, Nature 208–211 (2015).
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Rapid Production of Uniformly Filled Arrays of Neutral Atoms
Lester B.J., N. Luick, A.M. Kaufman, C.M. Reynolds, and C.A. Regal, Physical Review Letters 115, 073003 (2015).
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Electron Model Captured by Atom Pair
Kaufman A.M., and C.A. Regal, Physics 8, 16 (2015).
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Raman cooling imaging: Detecting single atoms near their ground state of motion
Lester B.J., A.M. Kaufman, and C.A. Regal, Physical Review A 90, 011804(R) (2014).
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Two-particle quantum interference in tunnel-coupled optical tweezers
Kaufman A.M., B.J. Lester, C.M. Reynolds, M.L. Wall, M. Foss-Feig, K.R.A. Hazzard, A.M. Rey, and C.A. Regal, Science 345, 306-309 (2014).
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Cooling a Single Atom in an Optical Tweezer to Its Quantum Ground State
Kaufman A.M., B.J. Lester, and C.A. Regal, Physical Review X 2, 041014 (2012).
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