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Atomic & Molecular Physics | Laser Physics | Precision Measurement
Tweezing a New Kind of Atomic Clock
optical tweezers holding atoms, connected by a clock
Published: February 16, 2020

Using optical tweezers, the Kaufman and Ye groups at JILA have achieved record coherence times, an important advance for optical clocks and quantum computing.

PI: Adam Kaufman | PI: Jun Ye
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Atomic & Molecular Physics
The Strontium Optical Tweezer
Figure of trapped and cooled single alkaline-earth atoms.
Published: January 25, 2019

JILA researchers have, for the first time, trapped a single alkaline-earth atom and cooled it to its ground state. To trap this atom, researchers used an optical tweezer, which is a laser focused to a pinpoint that can hold, move and manipulate atoms. The full motional and electronic control wielded by this tool enables microscopically precise studies of the limiting factors in many of today’s forefront physics experiments, especially quantum information science and metrology. 

PI: Adam Kaufman
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