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The Holland theory group's research is on properties of quantum gases with a focus on transport in optical lattices and on strongly interacting superfluids. The group is also working on superradiant cavity QED with group-II elements to develop a millihertz linewidth laser that would have a coherence length stretching from the earth to the sun. In addition, the group collaborates with experimentalists at JILA to develop optomechanical systems for transducing signals between optical and microwave frequencies.

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Research Highlights

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December 30, 2020: Jarrod Reilly wins the Stephen Halley White Undergraduate Research Award

Jarrod Reilly, an undergraduate researcher in the Murray Holland Laboratory, wins the 2020 Stephen Halley White Undergraduate Research Award 

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Murray Holland and student
May 14, 2019: JILA Fellow Murray Holland wins Marinus Smith Award

JILA Fellow Murray Holland was recognized for his outstanding teaching skills this spring.

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We are located at JILA: A joint institute of NIST and the University of Colorado Boulder.

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