High Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy of Slit-Jet Cooled Transient Molecules: From van der Waals Clusters, to Hydrogen Bound Dimers, to Small Organic Radicals

<p>This dissertation describes high resolution ( \&lt; 0.0005 cm-1), high sensitivity (absorbance sensitivity ≈2 x 10-6 per root Hz), direct absorption, infrared laser spectroscopy of transient molecules formed in a slit supersonic expansion. A series of molecular species, ranging from weakly bound van der Waals clusters, through hydrogen bound dimers, to a group of small organic free radicals are investigated. The advantages provided by the combination of a high optical resolution and the rotational and translational cooling of a slit supersonic expansion are exploited to probe an array of spectroscopic and dynamic phenomena.</p>
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University of Colorado Boulder
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