Ultracold matter systems and atomtronics instrumentation

<p>Ultracold matter has tremendous potential for applications in the elds of quantum computing, atomic clocks, precision magnetometery, and inertial navigation. In order for these applications to be successfully realized it is necessary to develop both a high level understanding of the underlying physics and instrumentation to enable the execution of the devices. The instrumentation aspect falls into two categories: the physical apparatus and the tools and techniques for implementing the devices. This dissertation describes the technical and scientic development of instrumentation for ultracold atoms. We rst present our work on compact apparatus for atom-chip based BEC production with particular emphasis on vacuum chambers and opto-mechanical systems for portable applications. We present the development of atom chip technology, both generally and specically pertaining to the emerging eld of atomtronics. Finally we present the implementation and preliminary experiments of an apparatus made for experiments with the ultimate goal of demonstrating an atom transistor.</p>
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University of Colorado Boulder
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