Research Overview

James K. Thompson photo.

Our lab explores two frontiers of quantum science: quantum simulation and quantum sensing.  We do this in three different experiments using laser-cooled strontium and rubidium atoms trapped between highly reflective mirrors.  Light-matter interactions create correlations and entanglement between thousands to millions of atoms.  We use all aspects of quantum mechanics:  unitary dynamics, the quantum measurement process, and dissipation. Explore the different projects below to learn more about dynamical phase transitions, entangled matterwave interferometers, and superradiant lasers. 


Research Areas

Rb: Entanglement & Matterwaves

Learn how we create some of the most entangled states in the world and how we have realized first entangled matterwave interferometer that operates with a phase resolution below the Standard Quantum Limit 

Sr: Continuous Superradiant Laser

Learn how we are working to realize an ultra-stable continuous superradiant laser for probing the universe more precisely.

Sr: Quantum Many-body Physics

Learn about our quantum many-body simulator realized by cavity-mediated interactions.