Lab Members

Principal Investigator

James K. Thompson photo.

James K. Thompson | 303-492-7558 | Website | Thompson CV

Professor James K. Thompson earned his undergraduate degree in Physics from Florida State University and his Ph.D. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  His doctoral work with David E. Pritchard focused on comparing the masses of two trapped ions with precision better than ten parts in a trillion for testing Einstein's mass-energy relationship E=mc2.  As part of this work, James and his colleague Simon Rainville also discovered a novel method for making non-demolition measurements of the quantum state of single molecules.  James was awarded the APS DAMOP thesis prize for this work.  James moved to the MIT laboratory of Vladan Vuletic at the MIT/Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms for his postdoctoral work, where he developed atomic quantum memories and entangled photon sources using laser-cooled atoms.  Since moving to JILA and the Department of Physics at the University of Colorado, James's work has focused on studying how to exploit collective and quantum effects to advance precision metrology with cold atoms, and includes the demonstration of entangled spin-squeezed states and studies of superradiant lasers.  He was awarded the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal for his work on superradiant lasers in 2013.

Graduate Student

Julia Cline photo.

Julia Cline

Julia joined the lab in Fall 2015, after graduating from Williams College. At Williams, she worked with Ward Lopes and received highest honors for her thesis "The Evolution of Order in Thin Film Diblock Copolymer Systems". In grad school, she received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. At DAMOP 2018, she won best poster for the Topical Group on Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants (GPMFC) poster competition, in the Atomic Clocks and Sensors section. She is currently working towards creating a continuous wave superradiant laser in Strontium, which holds promise to be a high-precision, accurate optical frequency reference.

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Graham Greve

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Chengyi Luo

Chengyi joined the lab in spring 2018, after graduating from Sun Yat-sen University. At SYSU, he worked with Prof. Chaohong Lee on a theory project about entanglement-enhanced atomic gyroscope, which later translated into his interest in AMO physics. After working with Prof. Wes Campbell on building an ex-vacuo ion trap as a summer student, Chengyi switched his focus from theory to experiment. He is currently working on the Rubidium squeezed atom interferometry experiment.

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Baochen Wu

Baochen joined the lab in Fall 2015. He is now working on the Rb experiment towards a spin-squeezed atom interferometer.

Dylan Young photo.

Dylan Young

Dylan joined the lab in Fall 2018 after graduating from Yale University. In the past, he has worked with Sohrab Ismail-Beigi in computational condensed matter physics, as well as with Liang Jiang on quantum error correcting codes. He is currently working on the strontium experiment, exploring spin squeezing and beyond mean-field dynamics.