Julia R. K. Cline

Julia joined the lab in Fall 2015, after graduating from Williams College. At Williams, she worked with Ward Lopes and received highest honors for her thesis "The Evolution of Order in Thin Film Diblock Copolymer Systems". In grad school, she received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. At DAMOP 2018, she won best poster for the Topical Group on Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants (GPMFC) poster competition, in the Atomic Clocks and Sensors section. Her main thesis work was on working to create a continuous wave superradiant laser in strontium, which holds promise to be a high-precision, accurate optical frequency reference.  After finishing, Julia joined the company PASQAL, working to develop tweezer-based quantum computers.

Julia Cline photo.
Affiliation After Leaving Group
PASQAL (tweezer-based quantum computing), Paris