Matthew Norcia

Matt joined the lab as a National Research Council (NRC) Postdoctoral Fellow after completing a PhD in James Thompson’s lab at JILA.  Matt’s thesis, titled “New tools for precision measurement and quantum science with narrow linewidth optical transitions” focused on coupling a large ensemble of strontium atoms to an optical cavity via narrow and ultra-narrow linewidth optical transitions.  A key outcome of this work was the first demonstration and characterization of superradiance from the 1 mHz linewidth strontium clock transition, which holds promise as a future high-precision optical frequency reference.  In his role as a postdoc in the Kaufman lab, Matt explores how the combination of strontium atoms, tweezers, and microscopy can be used to create new tools for quantum simulation and information processing.

He is now a post-doctoral fellow in Innsbruck, in the Ferlaino group. 


Matthew Norcia photo.
Current Affiliation of Former Member
Ferlaino group, Innsbruck