Joanna Lis

Joanna's journey to Kaufman's group took her through many countries and research disciplines. Joanna completed her undergraduate studies at University College London, UK. There her first research experience was with the biophysics group where, with Atomic Force Microscopy, she investigated DNA strands equilibration in 2D. With Professor Gaetana Laricchia Joanna completed her Master’s thesis on "Positronium production and scattering". She analysed the energy and angular dependence of the formation of this particle in neon gas, culminating in a proposal for increasing the efficiency of positronium production. At Okinawa, Japan she worked on whispering-gallery-mode resonators, where the motivation was to use their mechanical vibrations as nanoparticle sensors. Inspired by the potential of AMO table top-based experiments, Joanna joined the Ultracold Fermi Gas Group at Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Paris, France. There she designed and constructed an objective to image lithium atoms and helped to engineeran all-optical homogeneous trap for these atoms. In Kaufman's group,Joanna will build a new tweezer experiment, this time with Yb Rydberg atoms, that aims to exploit the many-body interactions for quantum computation and simulation purposes.

Joanna Lis photo.