Lab Members

Principal Investigator

John Bohn Eiffel Tower photo.

John Bohn | 303-492-5426 | Website

Occupation: Big Cheese
Nickname: Bread
PhD: University of Chicago, 1995
   Thesis: "Helium: It Makes You Talk Like Donald Duck"
MS: University of Chicago, 1992
BS: Plenty

Specialization: General


"In basketball, a two-point lead is within the shot noise.”        

“Written this way, everything is gravy."

Here is John Bohn studying wave mechanics.

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Science Support

Placeholder Person image.

Alexander Adler | 303-492-7141

Occupation: Undergraduate
Specialization: Scattering

With group since: 2021.

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Research Associate

Dibyendu Sardar photo.

Dibyendu Sardar | 303-492-7141

Occupation: Postdoc
Nickname: Chemistry ❤️
Specialization: Ultracold chemistry
Education: PhD, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata, India

With group since: 2021.

Quote: “… a tale is yet to tell…"

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Graduate Student

Eli Halperin photo.

Eli Halperin | 303-492-2548

Occupation: Graduate Student
Nickname: The Juggler
Specialization: Many-body theory
Education: BS, Wesleyan University, 2015

With group since: 2017.

Quote: “But the exciting mistake is…"

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Reuben Wang photo.

Reuben Wang | 303-492-2548

Occupation: Graduate Student
Nickname: Reubano
Specialization: Ultracold thermodynamics
BEng: Singapore University of Technology and Design, 2019

With group since: 2019

Quote: “I’m thinking I don’t believe all this atom stuff…”

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