The Group Through History

The origins of the Bohn group are sadly lost to the mists of history.

Chimpanzee photo.

By 2006, the group included (left-to-right) Daniele Bortolotti, Shai Ronen, Ed Meyer, Manuel Lara, and John Bohn.  I would not mess with these guys.

2006 group photo.

In 2008: Ryan Wilson, Ed Meyer, Bohn, Goulven Quemener, and Shai Ronen.

Bohn group photo 2008.

  By 2011, the group could be pretty serious at times…

Bohn Group 2011 photo.

… but was awfully supportive nonetheless. (Left to right: Michael Mayle, Brandon Ruzic, Goulven Quemener, Ryan Wilson. Horizontal: Bohn.)

Bohn group 2011.

The Crew in 2013: Brandon Ruzic, James Croft, Andrew Sykes, Michele Sze, and John Corson.

Bohn Group 2013 photo.

And in 2015: Left-to-right, Lucie Augustovicova, Michele Sze, Bohn, John Corson, Arnaud duPasquier.

Bohn group 2015 photo.

The Old Timers meet up once in a while.  Here is a reunion in Stellenbosch, South Africa, including Aleksandr Avdeenkov, Bohn, Chris Ticknor, and Goulven Quemener.

Bohn group reunion photo.

Here is a reunion in an Undisclosed Location, c. 2016.

Bohn group reunion 2.

The Wacky Funsters in Fall 2018. Left to right: Joe McCann, Bohn, Michele Sze, Eli Halperin

Bohn group 2018 photo.

In the spring of 2020, we tried some exciting new ways to interface by technology.  The group at that time looked like this (Reuben Wang, Bohn, Eli Halperin, Joe McCann).  Why we were so excited about this, I do not recall.

Bohn group 2020.