ICOLS 2021

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Welcome to ICOLS 2021

Celebration of ICOLS and Reconnecting with Friends

This summer would be the 25th International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy, a conference with a 50 year legacy of fostering incredible scientific achievement, a collaborative community, and friendships spanning the globe.  We are organizing an online two hour event to celebrate the history of ICOLS and to provide a chance for both old and new friends to reconnect.

Register in Advance to Attend

To reserve spot to attend, please take one minute to register here.

Date, Time, Schedule

Monday June 21 13:00 to 15:00 GMT  (7:00 to 9:00 am MT / Denver, 15:00 to 17:00 CET / Paris, 22:00 to 24:00 Tokyo)

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13:00 GMT Welcome Thompson & Ye

13:05 GMT Hall, Hough, Ma

13:25 GMT Bachor, Kimble, Svanberg

13:45 GMT Chu, Hänsch, Shimizu

14:05 GMT Cornell, Inguscio, Salomon

14:25 GMT "Open Microphone" to share recollections and break out rooms

15:00 GMT Nominal end


The event will include short talks from folks with long and deep connections to ICOLS including:

  • Hans Bachor - Australian National University
  • Steven Chu - Stanford University
  • Eric Cornell - JILA
  • Jan Hall - JILA
  • Theodor Hänsch - MPQ/LMU
  • James Hough - University of Glasgow
  • Massimo Inguscio - Università di Firenze
  • Jeff Kimble - Caltech
  • Christophe Salomon  - LKB/ENS
  • Long-Sheng Ma - E. China Normal University
  • Fujio Shimizu - University of Tokyo
  • Sune Svanberg - Lund University