ICOLS History

The International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy

ICOLS 2021 represents the 25th edition of this prestigious, international conference. Here are links to past conferences, where these websites still exist. In each listing you will find the organizing institution and conference location.

  • ICOLS 2021 - JILA, University of Colorado Boulder: Estes Park, Colorado, United States
  • ICOLS 2019 - University of Auckland: Queensland, New Zealand
  • ICOLS 2017 - Arcachon, France
  • ICOLS 2015 - Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore: Singapore
  • ICOLS 2013 - University of California, Berkeley: Berkeley, California
  • ICOLS 2011Main Leibniz University: Hannover, Germany
  • ICOLS 2009 - Hokkaido, Japan
  • ICOLS 2007 - Telluride, Colorado, United States
  • ICOLS 2005Aviemore, Scotland, United Kingdom