Prospective Students

Graduate Research Opportunities

We are always interested in enthusiastic and hard-working individuals with an interest in our current research activities. Whether you are already attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, or are considering attending for graduate school, please feel free to contact me.

Experimental physics requires a broad skill set and is an excellent choice for one who desires to receive more than simply physics training. Therefore, while most of us are physicists we have also been graced by students from the Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments.

If you have questions regarding the Physics or Electrical Engineering graduate programs, or are seeking information regarding life in Boulder please feel free to contact my students listed under the “People” link.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

As an undergraduate student you have a substantial course load, but there is no better preparation for a technical career than working in a highly motivated research environment. Our group typically has three or four undergraduate research assistants, and we generally like to hire students as freshman or sophomores. If you are interested in pursuing undergraduate research please feel free to contact me.