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Rethinking Black Hole Accretion Discs
Salvesen G., Rethinking Black Hole Accretion Discs, University of Colorado Boulder, 2016.
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The Evolutionary Pathways of Tidal Disruption Events: from Stars to Debris Streams, Accretion Disks, and Relativistic Jets
Coughlin E.R., The Evolutionary Pathways Of Tidal Disruption Events: From Stars To Debris Streams, Accretion Disks, And Relativistic Jets, University of Colorado Boulder, 2016.
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Causality and Communication: Relativistic astrophysical jets and the implementation of science communication training in astronomy classes
Kohler S.J., Causality And Communication: Relativistic Astrophysical Jets And The Implementation Of Science Communication Training In Astronomy Classes, University of Colorado Boulder, 2014.
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Beams, Bursts, Bubbles, and Bullets: Relativistic Outflows in Astrophysics
Heinz S., Beams, Bursts, Bubbles, And Bullets: Relativistic Outflows In Astrophysics, University of Colorado Boulder, 2000.
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Self Consistent Accretion Disk Corona Models: Application to Black Hole Candidates
Dove J.B., Self Consistent Accretion Disk Corona Models: Application To Black Hole Candidates, University of Colorado Boulder, 1997.
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Studies in Radiation Hydrodynamics
Arav N., Studies In Radiation Hydrodynamics, University of Colorado Boulder, 1994.
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Aspects of Relativistic MHD Wind Theory
Li Z.-Y., Aspects Of Relativistic Mhd Wind Theory, University of Colorado Boulder, 1993.
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Photohydrodynamical Processes near Compact Objects
Becker P.A., Photohydrodynamical Processes Near Compact Objects, University of Colorado Boulder, 1987.
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