Special Relativity

These pages are ok as far as they go, but they are missing the planned highlight, to show you what things actually look like when you travel at near the speed of light. I hope to have the opportunity to develop these pages further as time permits. Here is my opinionated

Meanwhile, these pages comprise an animated introduction to the elements of Special Relativity. Some of the fun stuff:

And don't miss Prasenjit Saha's Interactive Lorentz Transformations.

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Special Relativity: Index

  1. The Postulates of Special Relativity

  2. The Paradox of Special Relativity

  3. Centre of the Lightcone

  4. Simultaneity in Special Relativity

  5. Time Dilation

  6. Construction of the Lorentz Transformation

  7. The Spacetime Wheel

  8. Fitzgerald-Lorentz Contraction

  9. To Do

  10. Glossary of Special Relativistic Terms

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