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Falling Into a Black Hole

In which we fall into a black hole on a real free fall orbit. All distortions of images are real, both general relativistic from the gravitational bending of light, and special relativistic from the near light speed orbit.

The black hole belongs to a quadruple stellar system, a binary binary. The system is fictional, but plausible.

After you are done dying at the central singularity of the black hole, feel free to explore more about the Schwarzschild geometry, about wormholes, about the collapse of a black hole, and about Hawking radiation.

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View of the stellar system from afar. Approaching the black hole (89K GIF movie icon movie). Frame from orbit movie. Firing a probe while orbiting the black hole (95K GIF movie icon movie). Falling to the singularity. Falling to the singularity (217K GIF movie icon movie).

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Falling Into a Black Hole: Index

  1. Approaching the Black Hole

  2. Orbiting the Black Hole

  3. Falling to the Singularity of the Black Hole

  4. Dive into the Black Hole

  5. More about the Schwarzschild Geometry

  6. White Holes and Wormholes

  7. Collapse of a Black Hole

  8. Charged Black Holes: The Reissner-Nordström Geometry

  9. The Extremal Reissner-Nordström Geometry

  10. Hawking Radiation

  11. Black Hole Quiz

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