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TR 2.00-3.15pm in Duane Physics, G131.

This is an upper division undergraduate course in Relativity and Cosmology for science majors. It aims to provide a quantitative introduction to special and general relativity, to black holes, and to modern cosmology. Knowledge of calculus is assumed. This an elective for the APS minor.

I will not be here for the first week of classes (T 12 Jan and Th 14 Jan): I will be attending a workshop on W in Chile. We will make up the missing classes at some later date.

The following make-up classes have been scheduled in the JILA Auditorium:

5.30-7.00pm M 1 FebSpecial Relativity Video
5.30-7.00pm Th 4 FebSpecial Relativity Video (repeat)
5.30-7.00pm M 8 FebLecture

Red circle.
This is
  Blue circle.
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They invite you to a tour of Cartwheel icon Special Relativity.

Image of Schwarzschild wormhole Embedding diagram of a Schwarzschild wormhole.

This image is from the White Holes and Wormholes section of Black Hole icon Falling into a Black Hole.

Are the cosmological parameters known at last?

Professor Andrew J. S. Hamilton
JILA, room A706
Office hours: MTR 10.30-12.

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