Photon-mediated entanglement distribution and many-body interactions

Entanglement distribution holds a crucial position in shaping the future of quantum networks. Our research group is actively dedicated to developing novel schemes and devices specifically designed to enable efficient, rapid, and high-fidelity entanglement distribution of remote solid-state spins. In particular, we focus on utilizing optical photons as the medium and target spins of color centers in diamond due to their exceptional spin coherence properties and preserved optical transitions for spin-photon interfaces.

On the theory side, we aim to devise photon-mediated entanglement schemes that effectively address and overcome challenges stemming from spectral mismatch among color centers, a common issue encountered in solid-state quantum emitters. Concurrently, we prioritize experimental progress in the realm of spin-photon interface technologies. Our primary objective is to advance these technologies via deterministic assembly and integration of multiple color centers with large-scale integrated photonics. In addition to the photon-mediated entanglement distribution, this technology offers a unique platform for studying photon-mediated many-body quantum interactions.