Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Shuo Sun photo.

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Shuo Sun is an associate fellow of JILA and an assistant professor of the Department of Physics at the University of Colorado Boulder. He obtained his BS in 2011 from Zhejiang University, China, and obtained his MS and PhD in 2015 and 2016 from the University of Maryland, College park. During his PhD, he developed the first spin-photon quantum switch and the first single-photon transistor using a solid-state spin. Before joining the faculty of JILA and the University of Colorado Boulder in 2020, Dr. Sun was a postdoctoral fellow (2017 – 2019) and a physical science research scientist (2019 – 2020) in the Ginzton Lab at Stanford University. There he worked with Prof. Jelena Vuckovic on color center based quantum optics and inverse designed quantum photonics.

Graduate Student


Yuan Zhan

Yuan obtained his BS from Peking University in 2019, and subsequently joined the Sun Group as a Physics PhD student at the University of Colorado Boulder. His undergraduate research mainly focused on theoretical and experimental studies of quantum simulation with cold atoms in shaken optical lattices. He is currently interested in light-matter interactions in nanophotonic systems, generation of highly-entangled states and their applications in quantum communication and quantum computation.


Kin Fung (Frankie) Ngan

Frankie obtained his BS from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2020, and subsequently joined the Sun Group as a Physics PhD student at the University of Colorado Boulder. Frankie did his undergraduate research in the Wang Lab (CUHK) on "High Field Imaging of NaRb Molecules". He also spent the summers working in the Gadway Lab at UIUC on "Counter-diabatic Control on Momentum State Transfers", and in the Bernien Lab at the University of Chicago on "Optical Tweezers Generation". His favourite food is Hot Pot, and his favourite restaurant is the Black Dog in Champaign.


Austin Granmoe

Austin obtained his BS in Physics and Applied Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University in 2019. Before joining the Sun group as a physics PhD student in 2021, Austin researched and tested military optics at the Department of Defense. He has previously conducted research in Raman spectroscopy, CO2 laser design and fabrication, and big data analysis. He is currently interested in novel applications of nanophotonic systems, including miniaturized LIDAR systems, quantum communication devices, and quantum computers.


Thi Hoang

Thi Hoang obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Middlebury College in 2021. She is a graduate student from Vietnam pursuing experimental AMO physics. In her previous research, she worked on Doppler-free spectroscopy with cold rubidium atoms in a magneto-optical trap, investigating quantum optical effects at low temperature. Her current interest includes optically controlled quantum dot qubits and optical microcavities. 


Will Schenken

Will obtained a BS in Engineering Physics with a minor in Mathematics from Colorado School of Mines in 2020 and an MA in Physics from UCSB in 2021. He has previously worked on topics in materials synthesis and characterization, quantum science with color centers in diamond, and ultrafast lasers. He joined the Sun Group as a PhD student in 2022, and is currently studying new quantum emitters, quantum control theory, and applications of machine learning to various areas in quantum science.

Undergraduate Student

Josh Jeng

Joshua Jeng

Josh is currently an undergraduate student at CU Boulder and is trying to get his BA in Math and Physics with a minor in Japanese. He joined the Sun group as an undergraduate researcher in 2022.