About the Lehnert Group

Konrad Lehnert photo.

In our group, we build electrical and electromechanical machines and coax them into exhibiting quantum behavior. We are motivated by asking: “what is the largest and most tangible object that can be in two places at once?” In addition, we seek to use these machines to store, process, and transmit information in an essentially quantum way. Finally, we develop measurement tools for sensing feeble forces and electrical signals at the limits imposed by quantum mechanics.

Research Areas

Electrical circuits and optical systems are both technology domains in which quantum information can be manipulated, stored, and transmitted. But there is presently no way to transmit quantum information between these domains, hindering the creation of a quantum network of superconducting quantum computers. We investigate the electro-optic transduction of quantum information to enable such a quantum network.

Is sound a quantum phenomenon? Indeed, it’s now possible to prepare and detect single quantum units of sound. We explore the possibilities enabled by this new science of quantum acoustics.

Several experiments searching for physics beyond the standard model now encounter quantum noise that limits their precision. We study ways to use quantum enhanced methods to circumvent these quantum limits.

Quantum computers are fundamentally digital machines, but their operation requires analog circuity that works in the quantum regime. We create and study innovative quantum electrical circuits.