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In the Nesbitt Laboratory

Highlighted Publications

M. P. Ziemkiewicz, Pluetzer, C. , Loreau, J. , van der Avoird, A. , and Nelson, D. J. , Nuclear Spin/Parity Dependent Spectroscopy and Predissociation Dynamics in VOH=2 <- 0 Overtone Excited Ne-H20 clusters: Theory and Experiment, The Journal of Chemical Physics, Submitted.
A. Zutz and Nesbitt, D. J. , Angle-Resolved Molecular Beam Scattering of NO at eh Gas-Liquid Interface, Journal of Chemical Physics, Submitted.


The Nesbitt Group routinely has openings for postdoctoral associates and graduate students. In addition, the Nesbitt group also has traditionally made undergraduate research opportunities available for especially motivated and independent students.

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About the Nesbitt Laboratory

The Nesbitt Laboratory pursues research in four main areas:
1) High resolution laser spectroscopy of radicals, ions and molecular ion clusters
2) Chemical Reaction Dynamics: Gas Phase and Interfaces
3) Quantum nanostructures and photonic nanomaterials
4) Single Molecule Biophysics: Microscopy, Kinetics and Thermodynamics