ASTR 3740-001: Relativity & Cosmology

Spring 1998, TR 2:00-3:15pm, in G0021

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Professor Andrew J. S. Hamilton
JILA, room A706

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    This is an upper division undergraduate course in Relativity and Cosmology for science majors. It aims to provide a quantitative introduction to special and general relativity, to black holes, and to some aspects of modern cosmology. Knowledge of calculus is assumed. This an elective for the APS minor.

    Picture of two white holes about to merge. Watch two white holes merge, form a wormhole, then fall apart into two black holes.

    This movie is from the Instability of the Schwarzschild wormhole section from Falling into a Black Hole.


    PHYS 1110 and 1120, and either MATH 1300 and 2300 or APPM 1350 and 1360.

    Updated 13 Jan 98