Duane Physics Room G1B20

Quantum Logic Control of a Single Molecular Ion

An amazing level of quantum control is routinely reached in modern experiments with atoms, but similar control over molecules has been an elusive goal. We recently proposed a method based on quantum logic spectroscopy [1] to address this problem for a wide class of molecular ions [2]. We have now realized the basic elements of this proposal. In our demonstration, we trap a calcium ion together with a calcium hydride ion (CaH+) that is a convenient stand-in for more general molecular ions.

New results from the NOvA neutrino oscillation experiment

Neutrino oscillations provide the first hints at physics beyond the standard model of particle physics. Current and future neutrino experiments aim to further refine our understanding of neutrino mixing and reveal the remaining unknowns in the process. Precision measurements in long-baseline accelerator experiments could help answer profound questions about the origin and evolution of our universe, including the assymetry of matter over antimatter.

Quantum nanophotonics: engineering atom-photon interactions on a chip

The ability to engineer controllable atom-photon interactions is at the heart of quantum optics and quantum information processing. In this talk, I will introduce a nanophotonic platform for engineering strong atom-photon interactions on a semiconductor chip. I will first discuss an experimental demonstration of a spin-photon quantum transistor [1], a fundamental building block for quantum repeaters and quantum networks. The device allows a single spin trapped inside a semiconductor quantum dot to switch a single photon, and vice versa, a single photon to flip the spin.

How to Find Funding for Postdocs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) invites postdocs to an informational session to learn how to identify funding using a variety of tools available to CU postdocs.

Ligia Batista Silverman, RIO's Research Development Funding Coordinator, will walk through how to set up discipline specific funding alerts through SPIN, an online database of funding opportunities. She will also highlight Dimensions, a platform providing information on funders and collaborators.