Metals and superconductors from wobbly spheres

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Dr. Umang Mehta / Dept. of Physics, U. Colorado Boulder
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Duane Physics Room G126
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Lunch is provided at 12:00 pm before the talk.


Abstract: Landau's Fermi liquid theory, one of the cornerstones of modern condensed matter physics, has long been the sole descriptor of the electric and thermal properties of conventional metals, until the discovery of the notorious cuprates - so called "non-Fermi liquids" with properties vastly different from those predicted by Fermi liquid theory. Non-Fermi liquids have consistently defied any analytical treatment, with an important bottleneck being the lack of an effective field theory description for Fermi liquids; one that is amenable to simple power counting arguments to classify the relevance or irrelevance of various interactions. In this talk I will present a new approach to resolving this issue, one that systematizes the study of Fermi liquids, making it malleable to being upgraded to a theory of non-Fermi liquids. This approach draws on an underlying geometric structure in Landau's theory which offers an unprecedented rigidity to the theory and can straightforwardly be extended to include superconductivity, electron spin, and perhaps even quantum critical metals. I will briefly comment on the various directions of study that this approach unlocks, and unanswered questions that I believe this approach can help resolve.