"The power of plasma: Extending the energy frontier and democratizing X-ray lasers"

Speaker Name/Affiliation
Michael Litos / Dept. of Physics, U. Colorado Boulder
Location (Room)
JILA Auditorium
Event Details & Abstracts

Coffee, tea and cookies will be available in G1B31 (across from G1B20) from 3:30–3:50 p.m.


Abstract: Plasma-based particle accelerators have transitioned from dream to reality over the past four decades and have approached within striking distance of application readiness. Bunches comprising tens-of-millions of electrons are now regularly accelerated from rest to nearly 10 GeV of energy-per-particle in the distance of mere centimeters. With such accelerating gradients, it should be possible to extend the reach of particle colliders operating at the energy frontier, as well as reduce the size and cost of ultra-high-brightness X-ray laser sources, making them more accessible to researchers throughout the world. One of the next major challenges to the field is the preservation of beam quality before, during, and after the acceleration process to meet the physics-driven demands of the major target applications. In this talk, I will describe efforts being led by my group to address this and other challenges at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory’s FACET-II plasma wakefield accelerator research facility.


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