Heralded Spectroscopy - a new probe for nanocrystal multiexciton photophysics

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Gur Lubin / Weizmann Institute of Science
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Emitters of quantum light are at the core of quantum optic science and a key resource for emerging classical and quantum technologies. Yet, to date, the tools available to study multiple-photon quantum light sources, specifically temporally and spectrally in parallel, have been limited. A prominent example is multiply-excited semiconductor quantum dots - an intriguing system that features rich physics and technological potential but lacks direct observation techniques. 

In this talk, I will introduce a new type of spectroscopy, Heralded Spectroscopy, specifically tailored to tackle this challenge. The technique harnesses temporal photon correlations, a resource that has played a seminal role in quantum optics and is now showing renewed potential with the maturation of novel detector technologies. I will describe the Heralded Spectroscopy method and some of the insights it uncovered into quantum dot physics, as well as current adaptations and their potential to further extend the boundaries of nanocrystal spectroscopy and our understanding of quantum light emitters.