Towards a trapped electron quantum computer

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Hartmut Häffner / University of California, Berkeley
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Abstract: We explore the feasibility of processing quantum information encoded in the spin of electrons trapped ion a Paul trap. The main idea is to replace the ions in a QCCD (quantum charge-coupled device) ion trap quantum computer with electrons. The combination of the low mass and simple internal structure enables high-speed operation while allowing for high-fidelity operation. In particular, our simulation of common two-qubit error sources show that error rates of less than 1E-4 at clock speeds of close to 1 MHz for transport and quantum gates might be feasible.

Towards this goal, we trap single to few electrons in a millimeter-sized quadrupole Paul trap driven at 1.6 GHz in a room-temperature ultra-high vacuum setup. Electrons with sub-5 meV energies are introduced into the trap by near-resonant photoionisation of an atomic calcium beam and confined by microwave and static electric fields for several tens of milliseconds. A fraction of electrons remains trapped and shows no measurable loss for measurement times up to a second. Electronic excitation of the motion reveals secular frequencies from several tens to hundreds of MHz.


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