Press Clipping: JILA and NIST Fellow Judah Levine Highlighted in "The New York Times"

The first cesium atomic clock, NBS-1, which moved in 1954 to the NIST laboratories in Boulder, Colorado

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New York Times/NIST

JILA and NIST Fellow Judah Levine was recently highlighted in an article from the New York Times titled: "A Giant Leap for the Leap Second. Is Humankind Ready?" The article was published on November 3rd and discusses the standardization of timekeeping. 

“Having to deal with leap seconds drives me crazy,” Levine stated in the article. "I get a bazillion emails.” 

The article discusses Levine's proposal of introducing the leap minute. "The idea is to sync the clocks less frequently, perhaps every half-century, essentially letting atomic time diverge from cosmos-based time for 60 seconds or even a tad longer, and basically forgetting about it in the meantime," the article explains. 

However, it may take longer than Levine wants for the government to decide on introducing this new time standard. 

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